Planning Your Own Funeral

How to Choose the Most Appropriate Monument for Your Loved One

When a loved one passes to the other side, you want to make sure that you design and install a fitting memorial at the burial site. You need to consider many different factors if you are to come up with the perfect solution and will want to work with an experienced designer during each part of the process. Nevertheless, it can be very difficult to know how to begin the process during times of grief, so how should you proceed?

Garnering Agreement

To begin with, solicit input from various members of the immediate family and close friends. Remember that this process can be a source of some disagreement and friction without such a consultation, so you should nominate one individual to manage the process. They will then be the intermediary with the service provider. As you negotiate, try to come up with a solution that is acceptable to everyone, based on the available options, the budget and the style of the monument.

Type and Style

There are various different types of headstones available, but check with the facility first to see what they allow. Some graveyards are quite strict when it comes to size or style while others are more flexible, so you need to know before you can discuss the details with the provider. Many people choose to get a fully upright monument, and these can be made from limestone, marble or granite, typically sunk into the ground and attached to a cement base.


Once you are happy with the size of the monument and the material, you can decide what to inscribe. It's always best to personalise this as much as possible and remember, you can choose laser inscription, which will give you a tremendous amount of flexibility. You can pick different fonts and colours and even add an image of some kind, if you wish.

Getting It Right

This is why it is very important to discuss your requirements in detail with all interested parties at the outset. After all, this headstone will be a permanent fixture, and you want to ensure that it is a truly fitting tribute to the dearly departed.

Bringing in Expert Advice

Talk with your funeral director at the outset and keep them informed of your progress. If you have any questions or need some advice during the process, don't be afraid to reach out, as they'll have performed this task many times in the past.