Planning Your Own Funeral

Funeral Chapels: Understanding the Process Of Preparing a Body for Burial

Planning a funeral can be an emotional and difficult experience. One of the most important tasks is preparing the body for burial. This blog post explains how a funeral chapel will prepare a body for burial. Read on to learn more about this delicate process.


When you bring a loved one to the funeral home, the first step in preparing their body is embalming. Embalming is the process of stabilising and preserving the remains by replacing bodily fluids with formaldehyde-based solutions and other chemicals. This ensures that their skin won't decompose or discolour too quickly and that they are presentable at their service. Afterward, they will be dressed in clothing that has been selected by family members.

Restorative Artifacts

The next step in preparing a body for burial is restorative artistry, which helps restore any trauma that may have occurred during death or immediately after it. This may include repairing lacerations or bruises as well as reconstructing facial features. Using specific tools, such as artificial eyes and waxes, morticians are able to create lifelike features and expressions on the deceased's face so that their casket can be opened during services if desired by family members.

Dressing the Body

Once the embalming and restorative processes have been completed, the next step is dressing the body. This involves selecting an appropriate outfit for burial or cremation services. Family members typically provide clothing that they would like their loved one to be buried in, but funeral homes also offer a variety of clothing options from which to choose.

Cosmetology Procedures

Finally, cosmetology procedures are performed to enhance the overall appearance of the deceased before burial. This includes styling their hair using combs and brushes as well as applying makeup — usually light foundation mixtures — to even out skin tone and add colour to cheeks and lips if requested by family members. All of these procedures are done with great care and respect to ensure that your loved one looks natural yet presentable before being laid to rest forever.


Preparing a body for burial is an important part of preparing to honour a person's life at a funeral service or visitation ceremony. By understanding what goes into embalming, restorative artistry and cosmetology procedures within a funeral chapel, you can have peace of mind that a loved one is being treated with respect and care before the funeral service. If you would like to find out more, contact a local funeral home today.