Planning Your Own Funeral

Helpful Aspects for Designing a Headstone

When a loved one passes, planning their burial is the next step. During this time, you are going through a lot of emotions and may not know what to do. One aspect of their burial that you need to plan for is the headstone. A headstone offers a marker that allows you to reflect on the legacy of your loved one. The design you choose should be a representation of the lifestyle and personal taste of the deceased. Selecting a model for a tombstone can be difficult. Answer these questions before picking the headstone. 

What Is Your Budget?

The amount you wish to spend will be the most significant determinant of the kind of tombstone you get. Various elements affect the price of the headstone. These factors include size, lettering, finish, material and personalisation options. You should know how much you can use for the headstone. The funeral director will then help you find a suitable design within the price range. Remember to consider the delivery and installation fees in the budget. 

Where Will The Headstone Be Placed?

That is a vital question for most families. The resting place of a loved one creates a central area where the family can visit. Every cemetery has regulations on the kind of headstones they allow. These rules will help them with the upkeep and consistency in the graveyard. Thus, you should know the appropriate size and materials to use depending on the grounds for the burial. Find a tombstone designer who has experience designing grave markers for your preferred cemetery. These experts will help you come up with a design appropriate for the burial grounds.

What Will The Inscription Say?

A vital element to think about when designing tombstones is the engraving. The words you choose to include should be personal and meaningful. Thus, you should take your time. Keep in mind that the inscription is permanent. It is best to discuss it with various family members on the best wordings for the grave marker. The epitaph needs some time for one to think, especially when grieving. 

Which Design Do You Want?

The last element when getting a tombstone is the design. One aspect of the design is the material you will use on the grave marker. Some materials tend to last longer than others. Also, these materials come in a range of colours. The size and shape of the headstone is also a critical aspect. Will you choose a flat or an upright headstone? Most of the design aspects depend on the graveyard. Get to understand the regulations of the burial location.