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Reasons Why People Choose Granite for Their Headstones and Monuments

When you lose a loved one, you want to make sure that you give them the best send-off possible. Sometimes, it can be challenging to decide what form of tribute will befit your loved one. However, if you want the person's memory to last forever, you should think about finer details like the type of headstone you want for their grave. Granite has become one of the most popular materials used to make headstones for gravesites. The popularity is linked to its many positive qualities. Here are three reasons to think about choosing granite for your loved one's monument.

Ease of Maintenance

The gravesite is open to a lot of dirt and other forms of debris. When it rains, this becomes smudges of mud, which will ruin the appearance of any gravestone material. The good thing about granite is that dirt does not stick to it, and it does not stain easily. To remove stains from a granite headstone, you only need warm water and soap. Other materials are likely to suffer permanent damage when exposed to similar sources of contamination.

Resistance to Chemical Breakdown

The other benefit you will notice from the use of granite as headstone material is that it does not wear out easily. The natural process that leads to the formation of granite involves a lot of heat and pressure for thousands of years. The resulting rock is exceptionally strong and resistant to damages caused by chemicals in the environment. Not many people realise the extent of damages caused by phenomena such as acid rain. Granite weathers this and other chemicals in the environment, which makes it one of the most durable materials to use for headstones and other monuments.

The Aesthetic Appeal

You also want a gravestone that will be beautiful to look at. While other materials might match the beauty standards of granite and similar stones, the beauty generally tends to fade as the gravestone grows older. Granite is flexible such that you can engrave, emboss and even airbrush messages and images that you desire to have on it. The best part is that the messages and images do not deteriorate with age.

The benefits of using granite as a gravestone are countless. While the material may cost more than others used for the same purpose, the value it will deliver to you will be worth the cost. Look for a trusted dealer in granite headstones and get your loved one a durable, beautiful and easy-to-maintain gravestone. Contact a granite cemetery monuments supplier to learn more.