Planning Your Own Funeral

Are You Looking for a Funeral Director? Here Are Three Qualities to Look For

The death care industry is one of the most important in society. When a loved one passes on, you want their final sendoff to be handled with a lot of care and compassion. The funeral director is the person who is usually in charge of running wakes and funeral programs. Also, when everyone in the family is in an emotional state over the loss of their loved one, they need support from someone who understands the things which usually go wrong during the planning of the funeral program. Therefore, the director should have the personality traits to interact with your bereaved family and good death care management skills. Here are the three main qualities that make an excellent funeral home director.

Compassion and Empathy

Compassion is one of the basic qualities that make an excellent funeral home director. Naturally empathetic people do better when it comes to handling grief than people who do not have it in them but are trying because it is part of their job. An empathetic director can put themselves in your shoes and feel your grief. They will, therefore, plan the funeral from the grieving person's perspective. A compassionate person is able to transmit the empathy that they feel into words and actions. They will know the right things to say to comfort your family.


Having empathy is great when you are a funeral director. However, this does not mean that it is okay to break down and start sobbing together with the grieving family. Such a display of sadness will take the serenity out of the ceremony and create a disturbance. When choosing a director, pick someone who can run through the entire program as calmly as possible. Serenity is contagious, and once a good funeral director sets the calm and serene mood, everyone will naturally follow their lead. The service will then flow smoothly.


As a grieving family, you will probably expect professionals to respect your privacy and that of your departed loved one. Diplomacy helps a lot during burial because emotions often run high and family members can fail to agree on a number of issues. A diplomatic director will smooth over the differences and help you avoid unnecessary stress.

A funeral director should also know how to pay attention to detail, be dependable and listen to your suggestions on how you want the program run. Once you get a professional who has these qualities, you will be assured of a peaceful sendoff for your loved one.