Planning Your Own Funeral

A Guide On How To Organise Prepaid Funerals

Would you want to organise a prepaid funeral? Prepaid funerals have become popular in recent years since many people would not want their families to bear the financial burden of having to organise their burial. Besides, it allows you to have control over what happens at your funeral. This guide discusses how to arrange a prepaid funeral.

There are two ways to plan for a prepaid funeral. You could either arrange it yourself or engage a funeral director that organises prepaid funerals. If you would want to plan your funeral, you will need to determine what kind of funeral you need (cremation, ground or tree burial) and designate where you would want to be buried. For instance, you could purchase burial ground at your local cemetery.

Conduct some research to understand the burial costs in your area. Compare the services and prices of funeral homes in your area. If you would want your family to hold a wake, choose an appropriate venue. Friends and family will gather during your funeral day. As such, you should check the costs of catering, sound and lighting. After this process, you have an approximate budget for your funeral. Your assets and accounts may not be available to your family members once you die. Therefore, you should open a joint account with a close friend or family member. The funeral fund will be accessible to the other party once you pass away. Preferably, inform your family members or attach a document indicating your last wishes in your will.

Some funeral directors will help their clients organise prepaid funerals. It is a stress-free way to plan your funeral. A prepaid funeral plan is similar to a life insurance policy. You will make payments in instalments or pay a lump sum to the fund. Similar to your insurance cover, the fund will bear a small interest over time. It becomes available once you die. 

You must understand the terms of your prepaid funeral plan. For instance, you should check what the plan will cater. A comprehensive plan will pay for most, if not all, of your funeral expenses. For example, it will pay for your transport, funeral home expenses, the printing of eulogies and invitation cards, cemetery costs and event planning. Inquire whether it is possible to opt-out of the plan. Remember, you could require these funds if you encounter financial difficulties while still alive. Additionally, the funeral director should give a refund if they close business before your death.  

Organising a prepaid funeral should not be a difficult task. You could opt to organise the funeral yourself or purchase a prepaid funeral plan from a trusted funeral director. Regardless of your choice, your family will have an easy time grieving and laying you to rest.