Planning Your Own Funeral

Cremation Service Questions to Discuss with Your Funeral Director

If you have recently started a new job or you have moved to a higher level at your current job, you may see insurance options for burial. You may also find that not only do you have burial policy options but you also have funeral pre-planning options. The pre-planning options often deal with both traditional burial and cremation services. If you are considering cremation as an option, there are a few specific points you need to discuss with your funeral director.

Type of Service

One of the first things you will need to discuss with your funeral director regarding cremation services and a burial insurance policy is the type of service you need. There are several types of cremation services, and some of them may not be covered under your burial insurance or your pre-planning insurance options that are offered by your company. Keep in mind that in some cases insurance companies may only cover direct cremation. Any additional options such as additional urns or burial plot upgrades would need to be discussed with your funeral director and fees determined during that discussion.

Burial Location

The burial location for cremains is another specific point to discuss with your funeral director. If you plan on having your cremains buried at a traditional family burial site, you will need to confirm that the cemetery or site allows that procedure. Some burial sites do allow the traditional burial of cremains, but there are specific rules that must be followed. Your funeral director can help you look over this criteria to determine if it suits your needs. You can also discuss other burial location options that may be suitable for you or other family members as well.

Previous Plan Consideration

In some cases, you may have already completed a previous funeral pre-plan that includes cremation services. If this is the case, you will need to make changes to your plan to include the payments your new insurance will make. For this, you will need to set an appointment with the funeral director and discuss the upgrades or changes along with the finances directly with the accounting and financial representative for the funeral home. 

If you are ready to move forward with your plans, or if you have questions regarding how your insurance options will fit in with your current plans, contact your funeral director. They can look over the options and discuss the best ones for your insurance and your cremation service needs.