Planning Your Own Funeral

Why You Should Consider Planning Your Own Funeral Service in Advance

Many people who may consider themselves to have been religious all their lives might think that a funeral service must follow strict tradition. They may feel that they cannot stray too far from the accepted protocol or format, even though this is not necessarily the case. Many modern-day funerals or memorial services may be a mix of secular and religious. With this kind of freedom available, it makes more sense than ever for someone to prepare their service in advance, but what are the benefits of this approach?

The New-Age Service

It's certainly a tradition to hold a funeral or memorial service for someone who has recently departed. It's a way of celebrating life and remembering them as they pass across. Yet, there should never be a cookie-cutter approach to this type of service as each individual is, of course, different. They may well have had friends who were devoutly religious on the one hand and who had never set foot into a church on the other. Everyone should be welcome to pay their respects, and this is why it's a great idea to design a funeral service that pleases all.

Reflecting on a Life

Many people who are approaching the end of their lives will decide to take this option. They'll be able to incorporate certain elements that reflect who they truly were and why those people in attendance meant so much. They will be able to celebrate friends, family, and a lifetime lived in good spirit, and the service will therefore be a perfect reflection for all concerned.

Relieving the Burden

There's another advantage to planning a service. You will be able to take away a lot of the difficult work that would otherwise fall to those who are left behind following your passing. They will have a lot of emotions to consider during those days, and it may be hard for them to come to the right decisions without some of your guidance.

Making the Plan

As you plan, talk everything through with your immediate family and best friends. Get their input by all means and, ideally, have everybody on the same page before you sign off. Then, communicate these plans with your funeral director and ensure they fully understand what you have in mind. They will be able to hold your plans on file and be ready to bring them out following that fateful day. Don't forget that you can always make alterations to those plans as the months and years go by should you need to, just by getting in touch with the funeral director once again.