Planning Your Own Funeral

Three Reasons to Pre-Pay for Your Funeral

There are many reasons to pre-pay for your funeral, from reducing stress for your loved ones to protecting your funeral from inflation and price rises. This article explains three practical reasons that pre-paid funerals are beneficial.

Protect Your Loved Ones From Stress and Uncertainty

Your death is sure to cause grief and mourning, but it doesn't need to cause stress. By purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan, you can protect your family from stress, arguments, and confusion. They won't have to worry about which family member will pay for the funeral, what type of funeral it should be, what to do with your body or ashes, or which funeral home to use — everything will be organised in advance. By sorting out your funeral in advance, you can take a weight off your family's shoulders and ensure that they can focus on grieving rather than working out all the details of a funeral.

Avoid Rises in Funeral Costs

Funerals can be expensive, with Finder explaining that Australian funerals can cost around $4,000 to $15,000, depending on a range of factors, such as whether you choose burial or cremation. However, despite this seeming expensive, prices will only rise over the years. By pre-paying for your funeral, you ensure that the expense is all taken care of in advance, and you'll be protected from any price rises, inflation, or economic uncertainty in the remaining years of your life. You'll almost certainly pay less for your funeral if you pay for it in advance.

Make Sure You Get the Funeral You Want

Finally, pre-paid funeral arrangements can ensure that you get the funeral you want and deserve. Perhaps you don't want a large or expensive funeral, or maybe you feel strongly about being buried instead of cremated. Maybe you'd even like a certain reading, want family members to wear a certain colour at your funeral, or want the funeral to be held at a certain place. Pre-paying for your funeral will allow you to have all these preferences in writing, so your family will know exactly what to do when planning. This will also mean less stress for them, as explained above, as they won't have to make any hard choices.

Whether you want to make your death easier for your loved ones, want your funeral price to be locked in, or simply want a say in planning your own funeral, a pre-paid funeral may be the perfect option for you. Search for and compare funeral plans to get started.